2018 Services

We Sod It Landscaping Ltd. offers a wide variety of services to meet our customers growing needs. From removing an existing yard, to adding a few shrubs and flowers to spruce up your garden, We Sod It Landscaping is the company to call!
Sod Installation, Replacement and Removal

Using a mono-stand turf grass consisting of pre-fertilized 100% Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa Pratensis).

When looking at any sod service, We Sod It Landscaping takes every little detail into account. This will include analyzing the soil texture to assess problems causing the nutrient deficiencies and the proper steps to amending the soil problems before new soil and sod is put down.

Decorative Rock and Mulch Design and Installation
Decorative Rock and Mulch Design and Installation
Decorative Rock and Mulch Design and Installation

From Washed Rock to Cedar Mulch, We Sod It Landscaping will design the perfect layout and colour scheme of material based on the colours of your house. From decorative to functional, We Sod It offers many loose material options: Washed Rock, Lime Stone, Rundle Rock, Tanned Rock, Montana Rainbow Rock, Basic Black Rock, Rocky Rustic Rock, River Rock, Chrystal White Rock, Burgundy Lava Rock, Blue Pearl Rock, Pink Granite Rock, Black Obsidian Rock, Cedar Mulch, Coloured Mulch, Garden Mulch, and Bark Chips (rock size varies from 10mm-40mm).

Interlocking Brick Border, Walkway and Patio Design and Installation
Interlocking Brick Border, Walkway and Patio Design and Installation

Whether adding a brick brick border to an existing garden to give it some character, or installing a walkway and patio to enjoy the sunny Calgary summers, We Sod It Landscaping offers many options to suit your unique taste and yard.

Loam, Grading and Drainage Services

We Sod It uses freshly screened loam (soil) for every job, be it sod installation or property grading.
With knowledge in surveying, We Sod It Landscaping takes the proper measurements of heights and elevations and calculates the correct grade with which the customer would like their front or back yard.

Tree, Shrub and Flower Supply and Installation, Garden Beds

We Sod It looks to work with our clients and nurseries to design and establish brilliant combinations of flowers, shrubs, and trees that will make any garden bed or planting area POP.  As an added bonus, in working with both client and nursery, We Sod It Landscaping is able to pass the savings onto the client!

Artificial Turf and Putting Green Installation

If you own a pet, or just plain old dont like mowing a lawn, Artificial Turf may be the option for you! Installation of Artficial Turf will eliminate watering and mowing, along with their costs, bugs and other pest infestations and includes benifits such as pet odor elimination and underlay cushion for children. Current blends of turf (Pictured above and below) include: Cascade Elite, Park Royal, Sierra Pacific, Bella Spring Pro, Bella Classic, as well as Country Club and Eagle Putt  for Putting Greens.