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We Sod It's Signature "Opposod" Install Pattern

After looking at our previous Sod Install photos, we are often asked about how we created such an amazing finish to the sod installation. We pride ourselves on our signature "Opposod" Laying Pattern, where we alternate which way we lay the sod rolls.

Why Sod It Back and Forth? We believe that strong clean lines create a Sleek and Modern Pattern for your lawn.

What Causes This Beautiful Change in Colour? The colour of the blade is actually unchanged! When you unroll a roll of sod, the grass blades are bent down one way due to pressure of the roll, this angle creates a different reflection of light from the grass blade depending on your point of view. If you were to walk to the other side, the colours would be reversed!

Will it always stay like this? Unfortunately, no. In order to maintain this look, you will need to mow in opposite directions every pass as this will bend the grass blade enough to give it the desired look. The great thing about this is that if you want to change the pattern, you have a clean slate every few weeks, and if you want to keep the sod installation pattern the same, you already have a guide to mowing built right into the initial installation!

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