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The Benefits of a Brick Border

We Sod It Landscaping not only offers Sod Installation and Sod Replacement, but also Topsoil, Rock, Mulch, Brick, Tree, Shrub and Walkway Installations. When factoring all of these elements into the total landscape design, it is essential to have proper borders for transitioning from one area to the next. We believe that a paving stone border offers the homeowner the best value and most flexibility within their landscape.

The benefits:

- Paving Stones (Bricks) come in various shapes, sizes and colors. This provides the homeowner with the ability to match the colors of the house with the border as well as adapt to the flow of the yard.

- Provides a Strong Transition. Clean, defined lines, create a strong and modern transition from one area to the next. The thickness of these borders adds a strong structured element, like a picture in a frame.

- Adjustable with Time. Paving Stone Borders are able to account for future growth in garden areas and are able to be moved. If you pour curbed concrete borders, you have no flexibility to change your design as your landscaping ambitions grow. With plastic edging, it is likely to get damaged and warped with removal. Pavings Stones provide the ability to pull out with the brick retainer and adjust without adding any costs.

- Weather Resistant. Black plastic edging has been the cost effective way to provide an edge, however, over time it warps and bends due to the weather.

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