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New Sod Maintenance

You have just had your new sod installed, it is beautiful, lush and green! But Wait! What do you do to establish it after is installed!? Here are some guidelines to follow for your new lawn:


All grass needs water to ensure good health and vibrancy. For a newly installed lawn follow the calendar below. Water evenly and slowly so that water penetrates the soil without running off. Avoid frequent light watering which will cause shallow rooting, and overwatering, which will prevent air from reaching the roots. Watering requirements will vary after establishment. Monitor your lawn and soil moisture to determine when it’s time to water. Most lawns require about an inch of water every week, including rain. We Sod It uses Manderley Less Water Sod as it will thrive with up to 50% less water than the average home lawn after establishment.


Proper mowing keeps turfgrass healthy and beautiful. Bluegrass should be mowed at a height of between 2–3" (5–8 cm). Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf height at once. Don’t let grass grow so tall that it falls over. The taller the grass, the less dense the lawn and the higher chance of weed infestation.


How much fertilizer your lawn needs depends on soil fertility and the growth you want. We recommend using Manderley fertilizer with newly installed grass, and follow-up fertilizing. Always water-in the fertilizer to prevent burning. Never apply fertilizer to wet grass leaves, especially during extreme heat. Always follow the application instructions on the bag as too much fertilizer will damage your lawn.


Compacted soil prevents water, air and nutrients from reaching turfgrass roots. Annual lawn aeration and topdressing with Manderley lawn and garden soil products will help rejuvenate your lawn for the growing season. Rake thoroughly to remove thatch, which prevents water from reaching the root zone.


Grass is resilient. The best way to protect against wear and tear, weeds and insects is to maintain a thick and healthy lawn. Give your lawn the attention it deserves. By monitoring your grass regularly you reduce the risk of weeds and pests taking root.

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