We Sod It Founder and Community Coach Jason Dyler pictured with his group of Linebackers for the 2014 Midget Stampeders Football Team

We Sod It Landscaping was founded in 2008 by Jason Dyler. Having developed skills in the industry through 2 years of summer employment, he set out on starting a company based on the values that he was taught as a community and High School Football player. Three of these core values were: High Work Ethic, Attention to Every Detail, and Commitment to Excellence for every project, no matter the size.

Fresh out of High School and short on money, the High Work Ethic value had to come into play very quickly as he recalls "I was so eager for work, but I didn't have alot of resources to get our name out there. One of the first things I did was buy some stakes, big sheets of corrugated plastic and some screws. I cut the plastic and created my own, VERY rough, stencils and used some old spray paint to create lawn signs. If you have ever seen the Goosebumps books that kids used to read, well our signs looked just about the same with the paint hanging down!" Jason said with a laugh. Those signs, strategically placed down in the deep southeast of Calgary, where enough to get We Sod It "in the door" and quote on some projects. 

With the money earned from the initial season, Jason decided to double down on his Commitment to Excellence and used the profits to attend the Landscape Gardener program at Olds College during the winter months. From that education, a passion was ignited to provide the highest quality and knowing exactly what to look for in the tiniest details. "The most important thing is knowledge" Jason remarks "After going to Olds, it became so apparent that there needed to be a higher standard in educating our customers on what they are paying for. Educating the customer is a no brainer, because not only does that make sure that everyone is on the same page, but it also allows the customer to have full knowledge in what they are spending their hard earned money on. Its a win-win in my book!"

In seeing the importance of the values he was taught, Jason felt indebted to giving back to the community. He has been a volunteer community football coach since 2008. "Not only is it a great way to give back to something that gave me so much guidance, but it was also a chance to employ hard working students in the summer. I have always felt that if you are a hard worker, come work for us, we will teach you and develop you, and you will get paid a proper amount for your hard work, above and beyond minimum wage." For a decade, We Sod It has proudly employed students and recently graduated students with summer employment. Through the years some have stayed on and become an integral part of We Sod It and have contributed it its High Standard of Quality.

Sully the Sod Dog negotiating sod price with Manderley

Priding itself in delivering Top Quality Landscaping, We Sod It quickly developed a close relationship with Canada's Leading Sod Supplier, Manderley Turf Products. With both companies having a high Commitment to Excellence, We Sod It Landscaping became a no brainer when it came to referring a quality landscaper and top sod installer. We Sod It is proudly recommended by Manderley and Manderley Turf is proudly installed exclusively for We Sod It Landscaping Projects. "Nothing comes close to the high end quality in this turf" The We Sod It Founder remarks "We have been producing high end landscapes and satisfied customers for over a decade now, and a huge part of that is our commitment to Manderley. Their quality of sod (turf) is second to none, and the customer service is exceptional!"

For the last decade, We Sod It Landscaping has grown to become one of Calgary's Top Residential Sod and Landscape Companies, Through its dedication to a High Work Ethic, Attention to Detail, and Commitment to Excellence, they have become a recommended installer of not only Sod, but Brick and Rockwork as well. It has been a decade of excellence and We Sod It looks forward to another decade of providing Calgary and Area with Top Quality Landscaping at an Affordable Price!