New Sod Maintenance

You have just had your new sod installed, it is beautiful, lush and green! But Wait! What do you do to establish it after is installed!? Here are some guidelines to follow for your new lawn: Watering: All grass needs water to ensure good health and vibrancy. For a newly installed lawn follow the calendar below. Water evenly and slowly so that water penetrates the soil without running off. Avoid frequent light watering which will cause shallow rooting, and overwatering, which

Sod Installation 101

#sod #sodinstall #layingsod #Bluegrass #WeSodIt #DIY #DIYLandscaping #Landscaping #Calgary A Step by Step Guide to Laying Sod Moisten the soil in the prepared area right before you begin laying the sod. Start by finding the straightest edge and unrolling the sod to create the first row. Press the ends and edges of the pieces together as you lay the rows so that you eliminate gaps and overlaps without stretching. Cut and trim corners as necessary. Tip: If the weather is hot on